How to Use an Edge Floor Sander


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The floor sander you should use for sanding the edges of the floor is a 6 or 7 inch disk sander. It’s the power of these machines that definitely make them first choice. Less powerful tools can just leave you working hard for hours and hours.

These machines are made in a way that makes it possible to produce a very flat finish. The wheels are set at a particular depth in relation to the machine so that the disk of the edge sander makes contact with the floor at not to much, and not too little an angle.

You should be shown by the company you are renting the machines from how to how to use and edge sander machineput the dust bag on, make sure its properly connected and turn it on. Make sure that when you turn the machine on that you have it leaning back so that the disk is not touching the floor.

When you first start sanding, you should be using a rough or medium grit, either 36, 40, 50 or 60. Its only possible to start with 60 if you have a very flat floor that’s in good condition and very clean. Otherwise you need to start with a coarser grit so that you can get it sanded off quickly.

Ok, this is the important bit. When you have the machine on and you begin to lower the disk onto the floor, remember, just like the belt/drum sander, you don’t want to leave the sand paper in contact with one area for longer than a split second. It should always be moving. Most people including the rental companies tell you to go from side to side. In reality this creates a wavey pattern in the floor, which is difficult to see at first, but looks awful once lacquered.

Instead you should move the machine back and forth in a in a narrow zigzag pattern. Once you have done this for a foot or two, you should do one long swipe along the edge next to the wall to ensure that area is completely clean, then move on.

Due to the way the disk is positioned on the floor you should be moving to the right, clockwise around the room. (There will be a picture coming soon to explain this)

If it is taking a lot longer than you expected then you may need to drop to a coarser grit, but go no lower than 36 grit.

Let me know if you have any questions or if something is unclear in the comments section below. If it has helped give me a thanks! Good luck.


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