can you leave hardwood floors unfinished

  Pulling back the belt sander after tearing off the old worn-out surface of a wood floor is very satisfying. My clients are stunned to see their old, dented, scraped, and faded wooden floors returned to a pale, clean and virgin state. Before long, the question comes. Can you leave hardwood floors unfinished? You can’t … Continued

is it easy to refinish hardwood floors

Is it easy? Hell no, but that isn’t a reason not to do it! Nothing that’s worth having comes easy, right? Isn’t that what we were taught? There’s actually a little more to this question. Is it easy to refinish hardwood floors, physically or technically? Is it easy to refinish hardwood floors? Sanding hardwood floors, … Continued

shoult i use a drum or orbital sander

  This is a very common question people have when trying to decide how much firepower to bring to bear on their floors. The question actually demonstrates a lack of understanding of the process, which we will get into a bit. Sanding hardwood floors with an orbital or finishing sander can take significantly longer than … Continued

how long does it take to sand a floor

Planning to sand and refinish hardwood floors is pretty tough to do, without knowing how long it takes to sand a floor. The answer to this question might surprise you! As a general rule, it takes 4-7 hours to fully sand a wooden floor in an average-sized room. People with less experience may take 50 … Continued

can you sand and refinish hardwood floors yourself

Of course you can. The only question, really, is how good that sanding and finishing is going to be. No one can do something for the first time and be as good as someone that has been doing it for 5-10-20 years. With that in mind, do as much research as you can.  

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