Can you sand and refinish hardwood floors yourself?

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Can you sand and refinish hardwood floors yourself?

Of course you can. The only question, really, is how good that sanding and finishing is going to be. No one can do something for the first time and be as good as someone that has been doing it for 5-10-20 years. With that in mind, do as much research as you can.  

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Parquet Floor Restoration (Before and After)

Finally! I recorded this parquet floor restoration video a while ago. I have had it professionally edited and its finally up. Unfortunately, the video quality is not the best. I am going to be buying a new camera so I can have higher quality selfie-style videos. This floor was actually an iroko herringbone parquet floor, … Continued

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Festool Rotex RO 150 Orbital Sander Review

Festool is known for their high prices. In some cases, I believe these prices are unjustified. I recently spent a few hundred pounds on the Festool jigsaw and I ended up using my £60 jigsaw, that didn’t cut straight, instead of my new Festool jigsaw. I found that the Festool Jigsaw also didn’t cut straight, but … Continued

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Refinishing Hardwood Floors Yourself (video)

[VIDEO BELOW] Hardwood floor refinishing is a subject that is fairly misunderstood. The mistake people make is in thinking its an easy straightforward process. “All it comes down to is applying sandpaper to wood and then applying a finish,” goes the thinking, “how hard could it be”. On the contrary sanding and refinishing hardwood floors … Continued

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Home Depot Floor Sander Hire – Review

I recently posted in my blog about a UK tool hire chain called HSS tool hire. That post wasn’t the most flattering to HSS and unfortunately this brief post isn’t going to be too dissimilar.   I have no experience with Home Depot, but as I was writing my blog post about HSS, I suspected … Continued

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Refinishing Bamboo Flooring (photos)

Click here to learn how I sand and refinish wood floors. I recently had the pleasure of sanding and refinishing a bamboo floor which I have not done for a few years. Believe it or not, I get a lot of questions about refinishing bamboo floors. So I took the opportunity to create this blog … Continued

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Should you sand your own floor or hire a professional?

Should you sand your own floor or hire a professional? For anyone renovating or redecorating their home, deciding which tasks to take on themselves and which to hire a professional for can be difficult. Cost is often the driving factor but there are many other things to take into consideration; level of skill required to carry … Continued

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