Parquet Floor Restoration (Before and After)

Finally! I recorded this parquet floor restoration video a while ago.

I have had it professionally edited and its finally up. Unfortunately, the video quality is not the best. I am going to be buying a new camera so I can have higher quality selfie-style videos.

This floor was actually an iroko herringbone parquet floor, which has stunning grain and colour. As you will see towards the end, it is utterly gorgeous. Iroko is also known as African teak.

You may notice that I change directions completely while sanding the floor with the big machine, which should be no shock to anyone who has read my parquet sanding guide.


Ben Osborne is the owner of He is a professional wood floor refinishing specialist with 15 years of experience. Ben is responsible for almost all the content on this website. He also owns a floor sanding and restoration company.


  1. It’s funny this pops up as I just sanded parquet floors. Didn’t realize it when I started but it was installed, then finished. Never sanded. I started with a coarse orbital. After 10 minutes I got the drum. This was a four finger square pattern. In that case, would it have been correct to go at it at a 45?

    Completely unrelated, but is there a species of wood you like dealing with or is easier to deal with? Do you have to treat different species differently when it comes to sanding?

    1. Oak is one of the nicest to sand. But in terms of special considerations for finishes on certain woods, its something that only rarely comes up, I doubt its something you need to worry about. Hardwax oil and penetrating oils go on pretty much anything, theyre just not as durable as polyurethane.

  2. Hi Ben
    Saw your video, excellent. You make the job look quick and easy. Do you do private jobs. If so what is your rate is it by the hour or by the day and how long will the job take?

  3. Hi there. Just found your videos in you tube and you may be the answer to my prayers! I’m just about finished with the builders who have been renovating a 1970’s bungalow for my mum to move into and now I have a small window of time to rejuvenate the parquet flooring before the decorator comes in.
    Is the buff and coat method the way to go?
    It’s the small four finger block tiles design. Most of it has been under carpet for a number of years and I’ve tried my best to protect it from the builders….
    I’m nervous of a buffer but will give it a go, what’s the best polyurethane coating to apply afterwards please?

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