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UPDATE 13th March 2016: I have finally added recommendations for stains, lacquers, oils and filler for US readers. I invite you to try and find the kind of filler I use in the US without downloading this eBook. It has taken me years.

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Well it’s less of an eBook and more of a pamphlet. This isn’t 250,000 word novel that’s going to take for ever to get through.

It’s just a short document that discloses the products I use with a little bit of use and experience information to go with it.

There are products that you are probably going to buy, that despite what they’d have you believe, are the softest, worst products on the market.

You will not find the best products in your local DIY store and yet, they are easy to get and do not cost a lot more.

If you are thinking of refinishing your wooden floors, make sure you use the right products that will make your floor look stunning and last as long as possible

Even if they are industry secrets, I’m revealing all, right here. Enter your name and email to find out what products I use and depend on to do a good job, FOR FREE.

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