When should you sand a floor?

When should wood floors be sanded?

In order to properly maintain wood floors, you need to sand them. However, when should you sand a floor? Wood flooring may be sanded and refinished whenever the homeowner wants. Most people sand and refinish their floors when they have accumulated a lot of unsightly wear and tear. It’s also common to refinish hardwood floors … Continued

refinishing hardwood floor costs, professional floor sander has dollar signs in his eyes

Many comments have asked me about the costs associated with refinishing hardwood floors, both here and on my YouTube channel. I should have written this post sooner, but it is finally here. If you want a quick-and-dirty breakdown of hardwood floor refinishing costs, then here it is: As a general rule, professional hardwood floor sanding … Continued

can you leave hardwood floors unfinished

  Pulling back the belt sander after tearing off the old worn-out surface of a wood floor is very satisfying. My clients are stunned to see their old, dented, scraped, and faded wooden floors returned to a pale, clean and virgin state. Before long, the question comes. Can you leave hardwood floors unfinished? You can’t … Continued

shoult i use a drum or orbital sander

  This is a very common question people have when trying to decide how much firepower to bring to bear on their floors. The question actually demonstrates a lack of understanding of the process, which we will get into a bit. Sanding hardwood floors with an orbital or finishing sander can take significantly longer than … Continued

how long does it take to sand a floor

Planning to sand and refinish hardwood floors is tough, without knowing how long it takes to sand a floor. The answer to this question might surprise you! As a general rule, it takes 4-7 hours to sand a wooden floor in an average-sized room. People with less experience may take 50 to 100% longer. Many … Continued

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